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Past and current fundraisers



September was my very first fundraiser. I had the pleasure of working the the SSPA who is currently based out of the Sacramento County Shelter. The SSPA does amazing work and is currently raising funds to get their own location. With support from those who purchased a tank top or t-shirt, we raised $170 dollars.  A big thank you to those that helped spread the word and for those who purchased!

October- TBA


No Merch sales for the month of October



Donated $35 to Sacramento Independent Animal rescue from Merch sales.



December I am partnering up with SIAR (Sacramento Independent Animal Rescue) a local 501c3 rescue group. SIAR is a small organization and I hope to help them gain exposure as well as get them some monetary donations to help with any expenses they may occur daily.  Click below or more information about this group. $100 was donated.

January 2020-TBA Fundraising efforts for AUSTRALIA


Fundraising opportunity- I am currently searching for a non profit 501c3 rescue group IN AUSTRALIA to fund raise for. 

February 2020- TBA Fundraising efforts


   Fundraising opportunity- I am currently searching for a non profit 501c3 rescue group to fund raise for. Check back for info  or if you have a rescue group in mind I would love to see if I can help 

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